Sonntag, 30. September 2007

1. International Student Brunch 28th September 2007

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Kick-off of the 1. International Student Brunch on the 28th September 2007
at the Hirschengraben 7 located in the old town of Zurich, a really romantic place(southeast of the Tramstation Neumarkt)
This Event wasnt about quantity, but more about Quality, we had a big diversity of international Students, going from China to Spain to U.S.A till Canada and Germany. We heard a nicely made presentation about Zurich.

The next international Student Brunch will be hold on the 27th Oktober 2007 from 10.30 till 12.30 with a Presentation hold
by little myself about Vietnam.

So if you are new to Zurich or you are looking for some friends, or you are looking for some new personal contacts from other countries and getting deeper views in an other culture, this is the place for you to come and join us.

Also big thanks for HochschulForum who is organising this Event that we dont want to miss.

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